April 3, 2018

New transnational Call ForestValue on the forest bioeconomy launched

As of 17 October 2017, a new transnational ERA-NET Cofund Call ‘ForestValue– Innovating forest-based bioeconomy‘, has been launched for joint European research, development and innovation proposals in the field of the forest bioeconomy.  With a total available budget of over € 40 million, the joint European Call contributes to transforming the current resource-intensive economy to a sustainable biobased […]

September 14, 2017

Seminar discussed cross-sectoral synergies to unleash innovation potential in forestry, fuel and transportation

Unleashing innovation potential through cross-sectoral synergies and cooperation was the focus of the seminar Innovation in Forest, Fuel and Freight held by three Swedish advocacy platforms for sustainable forestry, renewable transportation fuels and transport innovation under the auspices of the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova in the event organised in Brussels on April 28th. Representing the views […]

Future infrastructure for advanced research in circular forest bioeconomy well on track

The efforts of the project ERIFORE aim to design a dedicated open access research infrastructure for the circular forest bioeconomy The transition to a circular economy in which resources are used in a more sustainable way became a top priority for EU Member States since the adoption of the new Circular Economy Package by the […]

Novel concepts of biorefineries on the spot

In three intensive days, the 7th edition of the Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC), that finished on 30 March 2017 in Stockholm, showcased the latest innovative, wood-based biorefineries, novel production processes and evolving concepts of biorefineries.  A flagship concept, the industrial ecosystems around the bioproduct mill that Metsä Fibre is finalising in Äänekoski (Finland) was […]

September 13, 2017

The BBI JU Call 2017 will release € 81 million of funding for the European biobased industries

The BBI JU Call 2017 of the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) features several topics relevant for the forest-based sector, falling under the areas of the FTP Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.  Out of 16 topics covering all possible types of actions, FTP has identified topics that address activities within ‘Integrated biorefinery concepts’ (RIA […]

The Commission launches Bioeconomy Report 2016

Key figures on jobs and turnover, along with an in-depth analysis of the bioeconomy across all sectors, are compiled in the Bioeconomy Report 2016 published in June by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. It is the first report ever to disclose comprehensive bioeconomy-related data as well as data collected from the […]

European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel wrestles with agreement on a European Bioeconomy Manifesto

The Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel is still struggling with the important milestone of finalizing the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto. This document is expected to be officially published on European Bioeconomy Day, set for mid-November.  With 28 “building blocks” of which three are still being debated, the Manifesto aims to express the views of all stakeholder groups […]

BIC launches new roadmap to develop Europe’s circular bioeconomy

To help build a resource-efficient, circular and biobased economy, the Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC) has announced its new Strategic and Research Agenda (SIRA). The SIRA identifies the activities needed to speed up the development of sustainable and competitive biobased industries in Europe. The updated SIRA addresses the technological and innovation challenges facing the biobased industries, takes […]

European Bioeconomy Panel reaches consensus on draft Bioeconomy Manifesto

Amendments proposed by FTP helped to untangle the last critical issues in the draft Bioeconomy Manifesto under preparation by the members of the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel during the Panel’s two-day meeting held on 6-7 July 2017. With this break-through, a signing of the Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto is within reach.   “A European Bioeconomy Manifesto […]

Did you know… that the European Commission has launched a new knowledge tool on the bioeconomy?

The European Commission’s Bioeconomy Knowledge Centre (BKC) launched on 20 July 2017 is the new central knowledge hub for the bioeconomy. It will allow a better support to the Commission services, European national policymakers and stakeholders with science-based evidence in this field.  Conceptualised as a web-based one-stop shop for bioeconomy-related data, the platform will not […]