Plenty of opportunities opened up – time to apply for Horizon Europe funding

Since the publication of the funding opportunities for 2021-2022 under Horizon Europe in June, some application deadlines have already passed. But new possibilities are opening and some of them were selected in the FTP Call Topics Manual, as they could be of interest to the forest-based sector stakeholders and contribute to the development of the sector.

With a deadline on 25 January 2022, among others, these two call topics are already open for application:

The call topic “Let nature help do the job: Rewilding landscapes for carbon sequestration, climate adaptation and biodiversity support” is open for application until 10 February 2022.

With a deadline on 15 February 2022,  20 call topics (Cluster 6) selected in the FTP Call Topics Manual will open for application on 28 October 2021.

Among these 20 openings, five are highly relevant for the forest-based sector:

For more information on the call topics, consult the Funding & tender Portal. The recording of the Info Days related to Cluster 6 organized on 25-26 October 2021 are available here.