WoodCircus White Paper 2040 advocates for the roles of woodworking industries in the sustainable growth of Europe

The EU project WoodCircus, in which FTP is a partner, supports the role of the forest-based sector in the circular bioeconomy. The project published a White Paper with policy recommendations that ensure that woodworking industries contribute to the sustainable growth of Europe.

As the Paper explains, “despite the strengths of the woodworking industries, the construction sector in Europe generates approximately 70,5 million tons of wood waste annually, and only around one third is currently reused or recycled.”

“The transition towards circularity should be supported by new policy framework conditions, regulations, investments, and incentives that drive practical business and operational practices, partnerships, and co-creation ecosystems throughout all wood-based value chains.”

Among others, the White Paper asked for the Renovation Wave and New European Bauhaus to prioritize the use of nature-based materials. The reuse, recycling and/or recovery of wood products is also emphasized to unlock the full potential of the circular economy. Strengthening training programs and education is another proposition. The White Paper also advises developing a research and innovation action plan dedicated to carbon-neutral living and building with wood.

Read the 6 maxims and recommendations in the full document here.