Industrial Technologies

Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing (NMBP)

The Industrial Leadership block of Horizon 2020 aims to support entrepreneurs and innovative companies in research and innovation. It addresses joint public and private sector investment in R&D and supports the growth of innovative enterprises and early stage eco-innovative companies, through the following actions:

o    Encouraging leadership in the key industrial enabling technologies of advanced manufacturing and processing, advanced materials, biotechnology, ICT, nanotechnology and space technologies. Close insight and cooperation with research and innovation in these fields will be a prerequisite for the success of many research and innovation areas (RIAs) of the sector’s research and innovation agenda.

o    Improving access to risk capital.

o    Supporting innovation in SMEs: the EU’s aim to support innovation in SMEs is an important opportunity for the forest-based sector, as the majority of its companies belong to this business group.

Three contractual public-private partnerships (cPPPs) are part of this work programme:
o    Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB)
o    Factories of the Future (FoF)
o    Sustainable Process Industries (SPIRE)

Updated on a biannual basis, the work programme for NMBP details the scope of research topics that are taken as a priority in the specific time frame and lists a number of Calls for Proposals. Following a competitive process, funding is granted to high-quality research projects submitted by pan-European research consortia formed by research organizations and universities in cooperation with the private and public sectors. Check out the NMBP Work Programme 2018-2020.