June 29, 2023

Working in wood construction? New calls are open for you!

Since the last update end of April 2023, 6 new Horizon Europe calls have opened for the forest-based sector, from the Cluster 5, and mainly focused on construction (Build4People Partnership). The deadline of these calls is set on5 September 2023. Woodworking Industries Demonstrate built-environment decarbonisation pathways through bottom-up technological, social and policy innovation for adaptive […]

July 6, 2018

FTP joins new EU project

The European wood processing industries and the waste management sector have joined forces to increase expertise of wood waste collection and recycling in the construction sector.  WoodCircus is a joint project initiative of FTP and 17 European research organizations and companies. Led by VTT (Finland), the project will evaluate the sector’s efficiency and recycling performance, […]

December 19, 2017

New office dedicated to wood construction to open in 2018

FTP is delighted to report another good example of the uptake of building with wood. EIT Climate KIC, EU’s largest public-private partnership addressing climate change through innovation, together with the Nordic Council of Ministers, plans to open a new office dedicated to wood construction, in Copenhagen in 2018.  Mads Fischer, senior adviser in the Nordic […]

September 14, 2017

50-years old timber frames turned into brand new windows

Landfills are usually the final spot where window frames come to rest after the end of their lifetime, if they are not re-processed and converted into new products. The resource efficient reuse of post-consumer wood products have been studied in the project Cascading Recovered Wood (CaReWood) and fully demonstrated by its ReWin window, a prototype […]

September 13, 2017

Building future sustainable cities with wood

1st WOODRISE world congress on mid-rise and high-rise wood buildings at the heart of sustainable cities and the ecological transition, Bordeaux, France, 12–15 September 2017 How to translate an increasing global demand for wooden buildings into market opportunities that support the transition towards more dynamic, low-carbon living environments and sustainable cities? How to best benefit […]

February 15, 2018

4.1 Building with wood

​Rationale Construction wood products derived from forest biomass are fully acknowledged as being a renewable resource ideal for building sustainable homes, whereas non-renewable construction materials will become scarce and more expensive in the coming decades. Given that wood and wood products act as a carbon sink and reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, the use of […]

March 7, 2017

1.3 Policies and and good governance

Rationale Policy frameworks influence stakeholder decisions concerning the forest-based sector. At the same time good forest-sector governance can greatly contribute to the success of European policy objectives. Meanwhile, policy decisions targeting other sectors often have unexpected effects on the forest-based sector and its capacity to contribute to societal objectives. A better overview and understanding of […]