September 13, 2017

FTP at EuroNanoForum 2017

Advanced materials and nanotechnologies are key enabling technologies for the innovation portfolio of the forest-based sector. Having a strong competence in these areas has enabled the sector to provide powerful solutions to societal needs. FTP Managing Director Johan Elvnert stressed this point during the session   Advanced materials and nanotechnologies for a bio- based and circular […]

The bioeconomy age no longer science fiction

Lignin, nanocellulose, cross-laminated timber, biochemicals, biofuels, wood-based packaging, forest fibre textiles and countless materials and products of biological origin, particularly from forests, can replace a range of fossil fuel and non-renewable materials; these products can also have enhanced energy efficiency or environmental performance. To assume that these biobased materials and products will trigger a paradigm […]

February 15, 2018

4.3 New biobased products

Rationale Today, pulp and sawn wood are the primary products of the forestbased industries. These are further refined into a spectrum of products, ranging from commodity to consumer products (see state of the art below). The emerging biobased economy, however, demands more alternatives to current fossil based products. This opens up significant opportunities for the […]