June 28, 2018

FTP Conference 2018

SAVE THE DATE 20 November 2018 – VIENNA​  FTP Conference Vision 2040: The future role of the forest bioeconomy in Europe International speakers will discuss the future: *Bioeconomy * Sustainable Development Goals * Research and Innovation needs of the Forest-based Sector in Europe Programme highlights: * A new FTP Vision for 2040 * The next EU Research Budget, Horizon Europe Prepare […]

September 14, 2017

NSG Austria ranks priorities for its national research and innovation

In an exemplary initiative, the Austrian forest-based sector has identified top research and innovation areas (RIAs) to concentrate its advocacy efforts upon. During 2016, the Austrian forest-based sector will focus its efforts to “Improve the reusability and recyclability of wood composites and construction materials” (RIA 2.5E), as well as in “Try out new business models […]

January 3, 2019

NSG Austria

The forest-based sector in Austria The National Support Group of Austria (NSG Austria) is a network of companies, associations and scientific institutions dedicated to research and innovation in the combined forestry and paper sector. It represents the interests of the sector in the research policy debate in Austria and at EU level. In this way, […]

The forest-based sector in Austria

Together with the wood, paper and board industries, forestry plays an important role in the Austrian economy. In 2012 the forestry sector accounted for only around 1.8% of GDP, and in absolute terms the gross value added amounted to 5 billion euros. However, with a foreign trade surplus of 3.69 billion euros, the export of […]