September 13, 2017

BIC launches new roadmap to develop Europe’s circular bioeconomy

To help build a resource-efficient, circular and biobased economy, the Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC) has announced its new Strategic and Research Agenda (SIRA). The SIRA identifies the activities needed to speed up the development of sustainable and competitive biobased industries in Europe. The updated SIRA addresses the technological and innovation challenges facing the biobased industries, takes […]

February 15, 2018

4.6 Integration of new solutions in printed products

Rationale The consumption of traditional printed media, in particular newspapers, has decreased continuously in North America and Europe and the profitability of the printing and graphic paper industry is under threat. The rapid evolution of electronic media for information and communication purposes, in particular smart phones and tablet computers, has displaced printed media from its […]

4.3 New biobased products

Rationale Today, pulp and sawn wood are the primary products of the forestbased industries. These are further refined into a spectrum of products, ranging from commodity to consumer products (see state of the art below). The emerging biobased economy, however, demands more alternatives to current fossil based products. This opens up significant opportunities for the […]

3.1 Resource efficiency in manufacturing

Rationale A growing world population and people’s legitimate claims for better living standards in less developed countries are putting increasing pressure on natural resources. The sustainable solution to meeting these needs with available resources is to significantly increase resource efficiency in the area of raw materials and energy. The European Union’s 2020 Strategy contains a […]

2.5 Resource-efficient use, reuse and recycling systems

Rationale Wood and wood-based products have the potential to be re-used repeatedly as raw material. Waste from harvesting operations and wood processing is regularly used as high-value raw material for other types of processing. Low-value treetops and branches, stumps and roots, crude tall oil and other first and second generation biorefinery products contain chemically-attractive components […]

February 3, 2017

4.4 Intelligent packaging solutions

Rationale Packaging serves to carry and protect a product during transportation and storage. Information about the contents, origin, date of manufacture, delivery address as well as other relevant data can be gathered from the packaging. Durability and protection are key quality parameters whilst environmental conditions such as relative humidity and temperature also affect performance. New […]