May 17, 2018

LIFE funding for forest management

The EU’s multiannual programme for environment and climate, LIFE, has launched its 2018 Call for proposals.  The LIFE programme is structured around two sub-programmes: environment and climate action. Each holds specific thematic priorities with major relevance for forest management. With investments up to € 400 million, LIFE will co-finance pilot and demonstration projects to develop, […]

February 15, 2018

2.1 Multi-purpose management of forests

Rationale European forestry has focused traditionally on sustainable wood production albeit with major differences from region to region. However, this singleuse focus does not embrace the rich offering of goods and services forests can provide, such as nature conservation, watershed management, recreation, soil preservation, raw material production and carbon sequestration. For many owners the forest […]

1.2 Citizen’s perception of the sector

Rationale Society places a deep emotional value on forests and, quite justifiably, pays close attention to the sector that depends on harvesting this re-growing resource for the supply of raw materials. The European forest-based sector needs to explain and clarify the rationale behind modern forest management and convince the public that forest raw material extraction […]

2.2 Forest ecology and ecosystem services

Rationale Understanding the ecological functioning of diverse European forests is a basic requirement, not only for a healthy and resilient forest, but also for a sustainable industry based on this resource. This ecological basis, in terms of composition, structure and function is changing, however, due to human influences and environmental changes. Diverse forests provide society […]

March 7, 2017

2.3 Enhanced biomass production

Rationale The forest-based sector contributes to the mitigation of increasing concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere by, among other things, storing carbon in sustainably-managed forests and increasing forest biomass production. The intelligent and efficient production and use of biomass are core activities of the European forest-based sector. State of the Art 2012 From a biomass […]

1.3 Policies and and good governance

Rationale Policy frameworks influence stakeholder decisions concerning the forest-based sector. At the same time good forest-sector governance can greatly contribute to the success of European policy objectives. Meanwhile, policy decisions targeting other sectors often have unexpected effects on the forest-based sector and its capacity to contribute to societal objectives. A better overview and understanding of […]