February 15, 2018

3.3 Sustainable water stewardship

Rationale Water availability varies dramatically, both in Europe and worldwide. Some regions suffer from severe water deficit, affecting forest growth and forest stewardship. At the same time, in most cases forests are a prerequisite for the sustainable supply of water used in a great variety of processes in forest-based industries. Water supply is an ecosystem […]

August 1, 2017

Advanced manufacturing and processing technologies

Improving resource efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions is vital to increase the competitiveness of the forest-based industries and expand the markets for their products.  Manufacturing and processing technologies that significantly reduce energy input and optimise energy management are integral to resource efficiency in the value chain, alongside recovery systems for resource-efficient harvesting, treatment and drying […]

July 28, 2017

Creating industrial leadership

Strategic Theme 3 Vision Target 4 Activities to foster resource efficiency have resulted in a significant reduction in specific energy consumption, specific raw material input and specific water use in the forest-based industries. Vision Target 5 The forest-based sector is taking advantage of its long experience in biorefining to help the process achieve its full […]