September 14, 2017

50-years old timber frames turned into brand new windows

Landfills are usually the final spot where window frames come to rest after the end of their lifetime, if they are not re-processed and converted into new products. The resource efficient reuse of post-consumer wood products have been studied in the project Cascading Recovered Wood (CaReWood) and fully demonstrated by its ReWin window, a prototype […]

WoodWisdom-NET and 8 years of successful funding for forest-based research and innovation

Four distinct Joint Calls and € 85 million to fund 62 transnational research projects during a period of eight years. The positive balance of the WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme and its consistent contribution to advance the research and innovation agenda of the European forest-based sector was presented during the 9th Programme Seminar on 4-5 April 2017 […]